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Ep 30 – MI and Social Work

For this episode, where we explore the integration of MI in Social Work practice, we welcomed Melinda (Mindy) Hohman, PhD, MSW, to the podcast. Mindy Hohman Social WorkMindy is Professor and Director Emeritus in the School of Social Work at San Diego State University.

Recently retired, she previously taught courses in social work practice, substance abuse treatment, and MI, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Mindy’s research interests include substance abuse assessment and treatment services and the learning of MI. She has been a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 1999, training community social workers, child welfare workers, probation officers, and addiction counselors, among others, across the United States and internationally. She has served as a MINT Trainer of Trainers. Mindy is the author of “Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice” (Guilford Press, 2015) as well as the forthcoming second edition due out in late 2020 or early 2021.


0:00 – Opening/introduction

2:20 – Peter’s introduction and MI background

8:30 – SW values and MI

12:30 – Working in child welfare settings

18:45 – Strategies for teaching MI

27:40 – SW reactance

30:00 – MI and burnout

35:00 – Context of SW education

41:20 – Mindy’s forthcoming book: “MI in Social Work Practice” (2nd edition)

46:00 – MI and contact tracing

50:24 – End of recording

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