Motivational Interviewing: Intermediate

Intermediate Motivational Interviewing

Two-Day Intermediate Workshop:

“Enhancing Skills in Motivational Interviewing: Strategies for Complex Conversations”

Intermediate MI Target Audience:

  • Practitioners with some experience in Motivational Interviewing or those who have completed the introductory workshop.



  • To deepen the understanding and skillset in Motivational Interviewing, focusing on more complex client scenarios and advanced techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Intermediate and advanced application of Motivational Interviewing techniques in challenging scenarios.
  • Skills in managing resistance and enhancing client motivation.
  • Strategies for integrating intermediate Motivational Interviewing with other therapeutic approaches.


This course will be interactive, incorporating a mix of theoretical instruction, practical exercises, role-plays, and case studies to cater to different learning styles. The aim is to ensure that participants not only understand the core skills of Motivational Interviewing but also feel confident in applying them in their professional practice.


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