MI with CBT

Ep 13 – MI with CBT and health behaviour change with adolescents


Glenn and Sebastian are excited to have Dr. Sylvie Naar on the podcast. Sylvie is a Distinguished Endowed Professor in the College of Medicine’s department of Behavioural Sciences and Social Medicine at Florida State University, Sylvie Naarwhere she is the founding director of the Center for Translational Behavioural Science. She is a pediatric health psychologist with over 20 years’ experience as a clinician and researcher. Sylvie has conducted research on health disparities for minority youth living with HIV, diabetes, and obesity through several federally funded projects utilizing Motivational Interviewing to improve health behaviours in adolescents both in randomized clinical trials and in implementation evaluation contexts. She is a co-author of the first textbook focusing on adolescents and young adults for Guildford Press’ Motivational Interviewing series


She is also the co-author of the first book dedicated to MI and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, also from Guildford Press


0:00 – Opening/introduction

4:30 – Sylvie’s early MI story: Maximizing effectiveness of interventions for youth living with HIV

12:00 – Crossing cultural boundaries

13:40 – Exploring Sylvie’s research career integrating MI in treatment of pediatric HIV, diabetes, and obesity

31:00 – Reflections exclusively for change talk statements and supporting autonomy

38:00 – Implementation science in Florida

41:30 – MI and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): From “shared elements” to resolving common dilemmas

53:30 – How CBT can inform MI practice: “If…then…” planning

55:15 – Training and Implementation of MI in agencies

1:01:00 – Looking towards the 2nd edition of the MI for Adolescents book

1:04:00 – Closing

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