MI in Sports & Performance

Ep 14 – Motivational Interviewing in Sports & Performance Settings

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Dr. Jeff Breckon, Head of Research in the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity at Sheffield Hallam University.MI in Sports & Performance Jeff is a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with membership in both the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and British Psychological Association. He has provided MI training to over 200 organisations across the UK, Europe and North America and delivered the international MI ‘Training New Trainers’ (TNT) programme in Barcelona (June, 2009) and Krakow (October, 2013). Jeff has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers and presented internationally on the role of MI in sport, exercise and health exploring the role of MI and integrative therapies as well as the impact of MI training on workforce development programmes. He is a co-author on an upcoming Guilford text entitled “Coaching Athletes to be their best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports” due out in November 2019)( https://www.guilford.com/books/Coaching-Athletes-toBe-Their-Best/Rollnick-Fader-Breckon-Moyers/9781462541263). He also has three Labradors that keep him busy! Jeff discussed several topics with us pertaining to MI in sport, ranging from the mental health of elite athletes to potential shifts in the culture of sport and how MI might play a role. 

0:00 – Opening/introduction

3:05 – Jeff’s early MI story

13:00 – Creating a different culture in Sport: Focus on the athlete

21:00 – “Where’s the therapy?”

25:00 – Challenges and opportunities for MI in elite sport

29:00 – Mental health of the athlete

40:00 – Ambivalence for the athlete

44:15 – Whole systems approach

51:00 – Why MI in sport?

1:00:00 – Jeff and colleagues’ recent writing on MI in sport

1:07:12 – End of recording

For any follow-up questions for Jeff, please contact him at J.Breckon@shu.ac.uk

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