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At Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants recognise that living well and making the right choices in our relationships, career and health are often the most important and rewarding parts, yet cause the most discomfort, in our lives. Like all of our behaviours, all skills are learned and can be improved. You will already know, that as with most things, it’s much easier to learn and develop, if you have someone who can teach you some techniques, help you to overcome the initial obstacles and encourage you to stick with it through the hard times in order to achieve your desired outcomes. Life & Wellness Coaching are very much like any other coaching: it offers you support, guidance and encouragement to succeed. It takes the form of regular, one-to-one sessions between you and your coach, either in person, over the telephone or Skype. Each session typically lasts an hour, although this is flexible depending on your needs. During your coaching sessions, you are supported to identify and explore your goals before you decide how you are going to best achieve them. Listening to feedback on the progress you’ve made between sessions your coach helps you reinforce progress and continue to build on your success. From experience you will know that expected an unexpected hindrances can slow or scupper your plans, and this is where your coach will assist you understand what caused the difficulty and creatively find alternative responses when you next meet the ‘problem’. Your coach will encourage you to focus your existing ideas and importantly to identify and consider new ones, thus providing you with more meaningful choices and possibilities. It is essential your coach sees you in the ‘bigger picture’ and can reinforce and build upon your existing strengths, talents, abilities and gifts.  Your coach will be completely committed to your success as this is proven to have a direct correlation to you achieving positive outcomes. Your coach will never criticise you or tell you what to do; your coach is here to give you the tools and the confidence to succeed and achieve your goal.

Questions To Consider To Help You Decide If A Coach Can Help You

Are you stuck in a rut – dreaming of something better, but just can’t seem to muster the energy or enthusiasm to make it happen? Has procrastination become a habit that’s keeping you from going after what you want? Do you have trouble staying focused on a goal? Are you ready for a personal breakthrough? Is work and life out of balance? Do you need more ‘Me Time’? If you’re feeling any combination of being stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, frustrated, or less than satisfied in any area of your life, then you’ve come to the right place.