MI in South Africa

Ep 32 – MI in South Africa

MI in South Africa

Ep 32 – MI in South Africa

We are happy to share this next episode of TTC in which Dr. Goodman Sibeko joined us to discuss MI in South Africa. MI in South Africa Goodman SibekoGoodman is a Medical Doctor with specialist training in Psychiatry. He holds a PhD in Psychiatry and serves as Head of Addiction Psychiatry at the University of Cape Town. His work has focused on interventions using non-specialist workers in the management of severe mental illness, and he has a developing research portfolio focused on task sharing models for the treatment of harmful substance use, mental health and HIV.  He serves as Co-Director of the PEPFAR and SAHMSA-funded South Africa HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Centre (ATTC).

0:00 – Opening/introduction

3:37 – Goodman’s introduction and MI background

6:00 – Understanding perspective

9:50 – Cultural factors in South Africa and how this impacts health care


18:00 – Power dynamics in the doctor-patient relationship

25:30 – Ambivalence that arises from power imbalance

29:00 – Practitioners’ willingness to shift practice

34:00 – Being a “guide on the side”

48:30 – How to engage with others to counter toxic communication

52:58 – End of recording

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