Self-Help MI

Ep 78 – Self-Help MI

MI and Self-Help

Glenn and Sebastian were joined by Michelle Drapkin, PhD, to discuss Motivational Interviewing and self-help. Dr. Drapkin has been working in the area of behavior change for over 20 years. Self-Help MIShe is the Owner/Director of the CBT Center and previously held roles in industry (Johnson and Johnson), academia (University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers) and federal government (Department of Veteran Affairs). She has dedicated her professional career to using psychological research to help people. She is a board-certified Clinical Psychologist and sees patients in her private practice, consults with healthcare tech start-ups, and delivers trainings and workshops on communication/motivation and health and wellbeing at work and in life. She is the sole author of The Motivational Interviewing Path to Personal Change: The Essential Workbook for Creating the Life You Want from New Harbinger Publications.



Episode Index:


        0:00 – Opening and episode preview 

        4:42 – Michelle’s introduction and early MI story

      10:55 – Enhancing motivation through behavioral principles

      19:08 – “How does one do MI with oneself?”

      24:20 – Self-compassion: Having a more effective relationship with our inner critic 

      30:20 – “A way of being with ourselves”

      42:30 – Using Michelle’s self-help book

      45:45 – Trying the “best self” exercise 

   1:08:25 – Michelle supporting her daughter

   1:11:44 – End of episode 


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