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  • Ep 78 – Self-Help MI

    Ep 78 – Self-Help MI

    MI and Self-Help Glenn and Sebastian were joined by Michelle Drapkin, PhD, to discuss Motivational Interviewing and self-help. Dr. Drapkin has been working in the area of behavior change for over 20 years. She is the Owner/Director of the CBT Center and previously held roles in industry (Johnson and Johnson), academia (University of Pennsylvania and…

  • Ep 74 – MI and Servant Leadership

    Ep 74 – MI and Servant Leadership

    MI and Servant Leadership Glenn and Sebastian welcomed Jemima Neddy Organ to the podcast to discuss MI and servant leadership. Jemima is a community educator having worked as an instructor and training consultant in Kenya and the Middle East. In Kenya, Jemima was actively involved in advocacy and education of mental health issues in the…