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Ep 41 – Ethical Considerations in MI

Episode 41: Ethical Considerations in MI

In episode 41 of TTC Podcast, Glenn and Sebastian explore Ethical Considerations in MI  with Patrick Berthiaume. Patrick studied sexology to begin his professional life in the support of people living in a reality of sex work.Ethical He worked for several years in public health in the Quebec health network. It is during these years that he learned motivational interviewing (MI) which created a real passion for him. In 2008 he received his training as a trainer and became a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) where he is very involved. His professional life is entirely devoted to MI. In 2014 he created his own training and supervision company. He has constantly deepened and strengthened his practice by attending several advanced training courses. He is involved in several research projects. He is committed to offering the quality and rigor of MI to make the helping professions more humane. He thus seeks to support the integration of this efficient approach in the French-speaking world.

         0:00 – Opening/introduction 

        3:15 – Patrick’s introduction and early MI story 

        8:30 – Importance of empathy and the potential of others

      17:00 – Patrick’s four conditions of MI:

Change Target


Professional Position


      24:30 – Considering neutrality

      37:30 – Ethical dilemmas involving families with children at risk: What’s the                         mandate? 

      50:20 – Acceptance vs tolerance or approval

      54:20 – Vulnerability 

      62:20 – End of recording 

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