Developing Self Confidence

Things To Do

We probably all know (and maybe even envy) someone who is always self confident and seems to be able to do whatever it is they set out to achieve. The good news for us ‘mortals’ is that confidence levels are fluid and can therefore be changed. We can work on and develop our self confidence. I have included four effective confidence building exercises:

Exercise 1 – Practice Talking to Strangers

Many people have unseen fear of talking to strangers. This fear blocks many people from advancing in life and creating opportunities for self development.

By facing this fear you can overcome it and start feeling confidence when dealing with strangers and authority figures.

An highly efficient exercise to break this fear is to ask 20 people what time is it. Just go and approach 20 strangers and ask for the time. You may struggle in the first ones but after a few you will see that you grow much more confident and it is becoming much easier.

Exercise 2 – Imagine Yourself Successful (NLP)

A very powerful confidence building exercise you can do right now is to imagine yourself successful. Imagine yourself after achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. Imagine how this would feel, smell, how will you move and how the world will react to you. The more details, the better. After doing this you will feel much stronger and you will enter a state of immense confidence, regardless of your actual achievements.

This is a very effective confidence building exercise that will make you feel much better about yourself.

Exercise 3 – Make a Positive List about yourself

This confidence building exercise is also highly effective: make a list of things you are proud of, of the things you’ve achieved in life.

Each day, review the list and remember the things in you that you are proud of and make you feel good about yourself. This will make you feel happier, more fulfilled and your entire day will be more productive. This exercise was proven to make people feel better and improve the quality of life.

Each time you feel down or in a bad state, review this list and your state will be elevated quickly.

Exercise 4 – Practice Strong Body Language

Another exercise that can improve your confidence is to use a strong body language.

Keep your chin up, your chest pushed forward and stand straight. By keeping a straight posture you radiate confidence and other people perceive you as an authority. They will treat you with confidence and respect, and as a result you will also become more confident and assured.

When the world treats you with respect and a confident person, you get positive feedback and become even more confident. External feedback affects your inner mindset.

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