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Life Coach – Why Bother?

A life coach can help individuals find their passion, help them set direction and present tools to achieve their goals for which they are passionate about. A life coach helps you run your life rather than life running you. A life coach can also help generate self awareness and confidence amongst individuals by positive affirmations.

Here are some of the reasons to consider treating yourself or a loved one to life coaching:-
Feeling in control of your life
Having an expert sounding board
Clarity about what you need, what you want and how to get it
Feeling like you’re a whole person, with a whole life

Higher self-esteem and more confidence in yourself

Understanding how you block yourself, and, what to do about it
Less stress
Work-life balance
Feeling that you’re living authentically
Better, more confident, decision-making
Effective time management
More energy, more motivation, & more fun!
A sense of purpose and direction
Feeling more in touch with yourself
Insight into patterns of behaviour & thinking (what’s helpful, what’s not)
Feeling comfortable in your ‘work-skin’
Quality time for you
Want more?Achieve the things you want, more easily and more enjoyably
Develop your earning power
Learn creative ways to think about work
Grow a career, and a life, that fits with who you are and the things that are important to you
Get honest feedback
Support when you need it, a rocket when you need it
Run better meetings, and more effective projects
Learn how to motivate yourself to do those work-tasks you tend to avoid
Get organised!
Well-being, at work and at home
Have job satisfaction
Someone on your side, but without an agenda for what you should do
Brainstorming – two heads are better than one!
Support in balancing “the big picture” with “getting the job done”
Be able to maintain your wellbeing and focus through major changes, e.g. a new baby, moving to a new location, a big promotion, etc
Know when, and how, to say “No” and mean it and thereby…improve relationships, have more time for the things you want, feel calmer and happier

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At Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants we want you to flourish, achieve your goals and reach your potential. We appreciate there are many Life & Wellness Coaches available for you to choose from, and getting the right one to meet your needs is essential. To help you decide if our coaching is appropriate for you, we offer you a FREE twenty minute consultation face to face, by telephone or Skype.

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