Talking To Change – A Motivational Interviewing Podcast

Talking To Change Welcome everyone to our Talking To Change – A Motivational Interviewing Podcast, where myself and Sebastian Kaplan will be exploring all things Motivational Interviewing.

Over the next couple of months Seb and I will publish conversations endeavouring to introduce and explain the key components of MI and its use in supporting individuals and group make health and lifestyle changes.

We are excited to confirm we will be speaking (from episode three onward) with leading global experts in Motivational Interviewing research, practice and training, including William R Miller, Stan Stendl, Chris Wagner, David Rosengren and others.

Topics will include:- What is Motivational Interviewing, The Spirit of MI, The Person-Centred Approach & MI,  MI & Compassion, The Four Processes in MI Conversations,  MI in Health Care Settings,  MI in Psychiatric Care, Criminal Justice & MI and Ways of Learning MI.


In the first episode we introduce ourselves and describe our journeys of discovering and learning Motivational Interviewing and examine the ‘Spirit’ of Motivational Interviewing and some dilemma that learners have identified.

Together with inviting your feedback we also wish to offer you the opportunity to become involved in the discussions by sending in questions you wish us or our guests to consider.

Talking To Change – Episode One