Storytelling In MI

Ep 65 – Storytelling In Teaching & Learning MI

Storytelling In Teaching & Learning MI

Glenn and Sebastian warmly welcomed Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith to the podcast for a discussion on the use of Storytelling In Teaching & Learning MI. For over 30 years, Steve has worked as a behavior change counselor, health educator, drug & alcohol prevention specialist, and researcher.  He currently has a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area as a certified motivational interviewing (MI) trainer, consultant, coach & mentor.

A member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 1994, Steve has conducted over 1200 MI workshops and presentations throughout the US and internationally.  He has served as a “trainer of trainers” for MINT and collaborated in the design of MI-inspired behavior change intervention protocols for numerous national clinical research trials.  He has authored a manual on the “The Art of Teaching Motivational Interviewing,” along with several frequently cited articles on how to use motivation-enhancing tools and strategies to support adolescents and adults in making positive lifestyle changes.

Episode index:

00:00 – Opening and episode preview

04:18 – Steve’s early MI story: From interrogating to evoking

14:55 – Steve meets Bill Miller in a role play

27:00 – Steve’s wife encourages him to tell stories

35:30 – The use of cliffhangers in training

46:00 – How to work with someone who is in “pre-contemplation”

54:20 – Can ambivalence be resolved: “The chick that chews”

67:45 – Looking towards retirement

70:32 – End of episode

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