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Ep 7 Steve Rollnick on the development, future and practice of MI

In episode seven the co-founder of Motivational Interviewing Steve Rollnick describes the development and future directions of MI and explores his journey, with Bill Miller, of translating MI from a world of specialist psychology to one of everyday practice.

Time Index;-

0. Introductions & Steve Rollnick bio

2.30. The developmental chronology of MI

10.10. The fundamental elements (jewels) of MI Practice and effectiveness

15.14. The negative consequences of stress in helping environments and MI practitioners

18.55. Recognising the practitioner’s ‘state’ and it’s influence on helping encounters

22.40. Attitudes and skills explored

29.40. Affirmations

36.19. Evoking

45.55. Advice giving

50.45. Steve’s questions for practitioners to consider while reflecting on MI attitude and practice

56.00. Time limited interventions

1.03.20. What NOT to do in MI

1.06.20. Drawing to a close. Exploring the future directions of MI

1.13.08 Contact details for Steve, the podcast, resources and links.

1.17.18 End


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