MI and Hope in Alaska

Ep 73 – MI and Hope in Alaska

MI and Hope in Alaska

Glenn and Sebastian discussed MI and Hope in Alaska with Sarah Niecko. MI and Hope in AlaskaSarah is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Health Sciences at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, AK, USA. She has a Master of Science in Medicine and a Doctorate of Health Sciences.  She is also a Duke trained Health & Wellness Coach and a recent member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers). She spent 18 years practicing behavioral and lifestyle medicine, including two years in rural Alaska partnering with Yup’ik Eskimos. It was during this time that she began to fully appreciate the transformative potential of motivational interviewing and the healing power of culture, resilience, and hope. 

        0:00 – Opening and episode preview 

        5:00 – Transforming burnout through hope and love

      14:00 – Adapting to a new world through curiosity and compassion 

      22:30 – Embodying the MI spirit

      27:53 – “Hope is the flint of the heart”

      32:03 – MI spirit directed inward before radiating it forward

      36:57 – Language as a way to rediscover identity

      40:00 – Creating a new integrated behavioral health program

      49:52 – End of recording 

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