Motivational Interviewing & Behaviourism

Ep 80 – Motivational Interviewing & Behaviourism

Episode 80 – MI and Behaviourism


MI & BehaviourismGlenn and Sebastian welcomed Dr James Anderson to the podcast to discuss MI and behaviourism. James is a psychologist and Chief of Psychiatry at Bassett Healthcare Network in Cooperstown, NY.  James is interested in the integration of behavioral health into primary care and improving the ability of our healthcare systems to provide whole-person care.  He has special interest in helping people struggling with addiction, and has published work on integrating accessible and effective treatment for opioid use disorder into primary care settings.  James takes a technically eclectic approach to offering psychotherapy intervention to patients in need, including use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and of course, motivational interviewing.  Theoretically, James views the human condition from a radical behaviorist viewpoint, and contrary to the common view of such an approach as encouraging a mechanistic and cold world view, sees behaviourism as underlying a philosophy of acceptance and tolerance of others.


Episode index:

0:00 – Opening and episode preview

6:09 – James intro and early MI story

11:24 – What is behaviorism?

19:36 – How behaviorism fits with MI

25:16 – Behaviorism and compassion

39:11 – Applying behavioral concepts to conversations about change

51:21 – Psychedelic assisted therapy

57:18 – End of episode


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