Burnout, Compassion Fatigue And Motivational Interviewing

Ep 76 – MI For Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

Glenn and Sebastian were joined by Debra Collins, MA, LMFT to discuss MI as a way to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue. Debra has extensive experience in clinical practice, supervision and program management. She has been a program manager/clinical director in community-based clinics and has provided direct service, behavioral health consultation, program development, training, and supervision/coaching for a wide variety of social service, addiction and criminal justice settings.

MI for burnout and compassion fatigue


Throughout her career Debra has organized and participated in Community Response Teams when communities have been faced with natural disasters, violent crimes, or other catastrophic events. She is an active member of Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) serving on the Reinstatement Committee and has presented at conferences, grand rounds, and panel discussions. 


She is currently exploring how the Spirit of MI can support providers in reducing their risk of burnout and compassion fatigue and how the practice of MI might also be useful in helping providers explore their own ambivalence in utilizing self-care strategies.


Episode Index:


        0:00 – Opening and episode preview 

        4:00 – Debra’s introduction and early MI story

      15:40 – Burnout and compassion fatigue

      19:30 – Where does the relationship go?

      25:00 – How the MI spirit helps the helper 

      32:15 – Ask-Offer-Ask

      39:00 – Taking better care of ourselves

      51:48 – Being a “provider” 

   1:00:00 – Wondering how creativity intersects with wellness

   1:05:14 – End of episode 


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