Spirituality and MI

Ep 75 – MI and Spirituality

Episode 75: MI and Spirituality

Glenn and Sebastian welcomed Sky Kershner to the podcast to discuss MI and Spirituality. MI & SpiritualitySky is an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at WVU School of Medicine.

Sky has a Doctor of Ministry degree as well as a Masters in Clinical Social Work. He is the retired Director of KPCC Counseling in Charleston, WV. Sky is a Member of MINT, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (one of two in WV), and is a MINT Certified Trainer. Sky has trained over 8000 professionals in MI across WV, the US, and abroad.


Sky has received several awards for his professional work, including the WV Civil Rights Award and WV Counselor of the Year. Sky’s biggest “15 minutes of fame” moment is that he once appeared as a guest therapist on the Discovery Studios show “Hoarders.”  He is also a contributing author for the book “ACT Therapy for Pastoral Counselors,” edited by Steven Hayes. 


Sky is the Pastor at the Unity Church in Charleston and teaches psychodynamics (fear of feelings) to psychiatric residents at WVU School of Medicine, Charleston Division. Sky is an Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) trained practitioner, and is especially interested in the way this approach can help First Responders successfully process difficult images and memories, sometimes in just one session. Sky’s presentation topics include Optimism and Resilience, Spirituality and Recovery, Trauma Informed Parenting, Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Sensitivity, and Professional Boundaries for Clergy, and Transitions.


Sky grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, trained, practiced, and taught in New York City before making West Virginia his home over thirty years ago. Sky lives in Charleston with his wife, two kids in college, and a very little dog.


Episode Index:

        0:00 – Opening and episode preview 

        4:50 – Sky’s introduction and early MI story

      15:30 – Pastoral counseling and similarities with MI

      26:30 – Spiritual experiences and change

      33:00 – Autonomy supportive spirituality 

      47:30 – Faith as trust 

      58:20 – Ambivalence in spirituality: Resolution through forgiveness

   1:06:30 – Sky exploring artificial intelligence 

   1:09:31 – End of episode 


Links and Contact Information:

  • Email: skykershner@gmail.com
  • Website: www.wv-mi.com
  • Citation for Quantum Change book referenced in episode
    • Miller, W.R., & Baca, J.C. (2001). Quantum change: When epiphanies and sudden insights transform ordinary lives. Guilford Press.


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