Weight Management

Ep 43 – MI & Weight Management

Episode 43 – MI in Weight Management Services

Glenn and Sebastian are delighted explore MI in weight management services by welcoming Claire Lane onto the podcast. Claire is a clinical psychologist, currently working within the cardiac rehabilitation team in Swansea Bay University Health Board, UK. She specialises in working with adults in physical healthcare settings, and has extensive experience working within specialist weight management and bariatric services within the National Health Service (NHS). She has a background in academic research, and has published in the area of health behaviour change and motivational interviewing. Claire is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), and currently sits on the MINT UK & Ireland Committee. In her free time, Claire enjoys dance fitness classes, Pilates and hiking, as well as cooking and eating delicious food. She enjoys singing in a community choir, and spending time with her son Oscar, and husband Graham.

0:00 – Opening/introduction

1:10 – Claire’s intro and early MI story: From linguistics to psychology

10:20 – Complexities of working in a weight management service

18:45 – Establishing safety and highlighting strengths through engagement

25:40 – The focusing process and blending MI with other therapies

30:50 – Client-centered agenda setting

37:20 – Responding to clients who say “Just tell me what to do”

41:30 – Drawing on people’s past efforts at weight loss

46:50 – Raising concerns, with permission

50:30 – How to talk about the number on the scale

55:20 – Claire singing!

60:10 – End of recording

Links and contact information:

  • Email: clairelane1978@gmail.com
  • Terms Claire referenced:
    • BECCI – The Behaviour Change Counseling Index
    • PHQ9 – Patient Health Questionnaire (Screening for symptoms of depression)
    • GAD7 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Screening for symptoms of anxiety)

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