Ep 18 – Motivational Interviewing with people who have sexually abused

Ep 18 Motivational Interviewing with people who have sexually abused

Glenn and Sebastian welcome David Prescott to the podcast. David is the Clinical Services Development Director for the Becket Family of Services. David PrescottDavid has produced 20 book projects and numerous articles and chapters in the areas of assessing and treating sexual violence and trauma. His latest projects on Feedback-Informed Treatment, Forensic Report Writing, and Trauma-Informed Care were published in 2017-2019.

David is a current Fellow and past president of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, the largest professional organization of its kind in the world. He is also the 2014 recipient of that organization’s Distinguished Contribution award, one of only a handful of recipients. Previously, he received the Bright Lights award from the National Adolescent Perpetration Network in 2007; he has since become a member of that organization’s Board of Elders. David is a Senior Associate and Certified Trainer for the International Center for Clinical Excellence and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. He is also a Consultant, Supervisor, and Invited Trainer for the Romanian Association for Brief Therapies and Strength-Based Solution Focused Consultancy and on the Scientific Committee of the Polish Institute for Motivational Interviewing.

David has lectured around the world, including most recently in Australia, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Norway, Namibia, Canada, and the U.K. He has served on the editorial boards of three scholarly journals, Motivational Interviewing: Training, Research, Implementation, and Practice, the Journal of Sexual Aggression, and Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.

0:00 – Opening/introduction

3:30 – David’s early MI story: Learning from our clients and reversing harmful treatment


13:00 – Resisting the “righting reflex”

21:00 – Stretching the limits of compassion

31:30 – The Good Lives Model: Moving “upstream” from behavior

47:00 – A case example: “The ambivalence is there for the understanding”

57:00 – Understanding without collusion

1:01:20 – SOAP: Stable, Occupied, Accountable, Plan

1:06:30 – Recent interests: Being careful with affirmations and compassion in politics

1:13:00 – Closing and contact information

1:15:19 – End of recording

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