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Talking Yourself Thin

Motivational Interviewing & Weight Lose

Earlier today I was  talking to a friend about my use of Motivational Interviewing to support individuals and groups lose and then maintain ‘ideal’ weight. I explained the principal behind Self Perception psychology as ‘I learn who I am as I hear myself speak’ and how essentially I support clients talk themselves into change, without the need to provide solutions for them.

‘OK give me for an example of how you get me to get back to exercising to help me lose weight’

So I asked her ‘What three things have helped you successful lose weight in the past? and she replied
‘I picked activities I liked doing and that I could easily fit into my routine.
I did more things with family and friends that kept me active and moving, so I was exercising and it was fun.
I had a time in the evening to exercise that worked for me and I learned to stick to it.
I stopped watching so much TV.’

You’re right that was four, although I didn’t pull her for cheating! as it was her ideas we were listening to.  Before I said anything my friend went ‘Wow, I get it. These are what I know works, what happened was I took my eye off the ball.  I stopped doing the things that were working a bit at a time and then I ended up doing just the old stuff again. OK smart guy what do I do now to get back on track?’

We spent a few minutes exploring how she had brought these changes about in the first place and using affirmations, open ended questions,  reflections and a little laughter my friend had described what she needed to do and of most significance what she was going to do first to return to her exercise regime.

In Motivational Interviewing I guide you as you explore and understand why things are as they are, and then support you develop, revisit and describe ideas, thoughts and considerations for your best next step to achieving success.

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