Ep 66 – Neurodiversity & MI

Neurodiversity & MI

Glenn and Seb were honoured to have Deb Solomon on the podcast to discuss neurodiversity. Neurodiversity Deb SolomonDeb is a social worker in Adult Care, and a Practice Development Lead. Following a surprise diagnosis of ADHD in 2020 she went on to set up and chair the first UK group for neurodivergent social workers through the British Association Of Social Workers (BASW) after recognising the lack of knowledge and support in the profession. Deb is also the Vice Chair of BASW Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group and has recently set up the Neurodiversity Network for her local authority. Deb presents workshops on neurodiversity, executive functioning and is passionate about ensuring anyone who thinks differently is safe to be their whole selves, celebrating strengths as well as promoting acceptance for all neurotypes.

Episode index:

   00:00 – Opening and episode preview

   07:25 – Deb’s introduction and early story

   10:08 – Gender differences in ADHD

   14:26 – What changed for Deb after receiving the ADHD diagnosis 

   20:30 – What an MI practitioner should know when working with clients who are neurodiverse

   34:10 – Deb’s emotional and cognitive experiences as someone with ADHD

   40:40 – Ambivalence and the executive functions 

   56:25 – “I have to get it (a thought) out”

1:02:16 – What’s helped Deb that might help others

1:06:25 – Media attention towards neurodiversity

1:11:55 – End of episode

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