Well Yes and No.

While there is obviously a degree of humour in this statement, it is important also to recognise that thinking two ways about the same thing is a junction along every change journey.

While the ‘will I? won’t I?’ we experience when considering making a change is often uncomfortable and seemingly unrewarding, it is NORMAL and perfectly healthy!!

To help yourself resolve ambivalence it is often productive to consider, even write down A) what are the benefits of letting things stay the way they are? B) what will be made better by me achieving this change?

Compile these lists and read them to yourself using the word AND to bring them together, so for example I enjoy X, Y & Z about smoking and A, B & C would be better when I stop. Now ask yourself what do you want or need to do next about smoking and write the answer down. you may wish to elaborate on your answer by considering the who, what, where, when. and how? of this next step.

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