Ep 27 – Telehealth & MI

Telehealth & MI

For this episode we warmly welcomed Jordan Braciszewski, PHD, to the podcast. Jordan is a Research Scientist in the Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, USA. TelehealthHe is also a licensed clinical psychologist and practicing clinician at Monarch Behavioral Health in the Detroit suburbs. Jordan has been a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers for over 10 years and often provides training, coding, and coaching services throughout Metro Detroit for a variety of organizations. As a researcher, Jordan studies the role technology can play in improving access to mental and physical health services. Often, he uses concepts and strategies from Motivational Interviewing (MI) within his technology-based approaches to improve patient engagement and success. In his role at Henry Ford, Jordan also provides MI training to medical residents, students, and staff across the health system. As a practicing psychologist, Jordan also uses MI with other empirically-supported approaches, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to work alongside clients to help them achieve their mental health and life goals, as he strongly believes collaboration between therapist and client is the best way to assure long-term success. Jordan lives in the Detroit suburbs with his wife and two children; he enjoys playing ice hockey, guitar, food, and exploring anything with his kids.


0:00 – Opening/introduction

1:35 – Jordan’s introduction and rationale for telehealth

7:30 – MI and Telehealth: Both ways of meeting a client where they are

9:00 – Jordan’s early MI story

13:30 – Transitioning to telehealth

16:00 – Utilizing tech in a study to support children leaving foster care

21:45 – Overcoming barriers to adopting telehealth

26:10 – Empirical support for telehealth

33:15 – Lack of notable client age-related barriers in telehealth

37:00 – More on barriers: Clinician reimbursement and client access

41:15 – Different types of “tele” and expansion of care options

49:00 – MI skills in telehealth

59:50 – Virtual schooling during the pandemic and other things on Jordan’s mind

1:04:57 – End of recording


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