Intermediate Motivational Interviewing

Ep 56 – Motivational Interviewing in Psychiatry

Motivational Interviewing in Psychiatry

Glenn and Sebastian discuss Motivational Interviewing in Psychiatry with Antoine Douaihy, M.D. Antoine is a Motivational Interviewing in PsychiatryProfessor of Psychiatry & Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Western Psychiatric Hospital and Co-Director of the Tobacco Treatment Service at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has a well-established record in conducting multisite clinical trials. His areas of research and clinical expertise are substance use disorders, HIV, motivational interviewing (MI), and psychology of behaviour change. Dr. Douaihy has received 20 awards for outstanding achievement in educating medical students and psychiatry residents and has been a champion in the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based practices across healthcare settings, particularly MI. 

   00:00 – Introduction and episode preview

   06:31 – Antoine’s introduction and early MI story

   20:45 – The challenge of integrating MI into the practice of psychiatry

   30:45 – “Catching the attention” of future psychiatrists

   39:00 – Avoiding the use of stigmatizing language in psychiatry 

   51:10 – Seeking balance and recognizing the limits of helpfulness

   59:00 – Reconnecting with what matters 

1:06:45 – Start of role play

1:26:12 – Role play debrief

1:38:36 – End of episode

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