MI in Puerto Rico

Ep 37 – MI in Puerto Rico

Episode 37 – MI in Puerto Rico

Glenn and Sebastian warmly welcome Gabrielle Ruiz Tudó to the program. Gabrielle is a Puerto Rican, currently living in Puerto Rico. She is a Program Evaluator with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.MI in Puerto Rico For more than 10 years her research and community-based experience has involved counseling, training, supervision, and coordination of programs mostly aimed towards disease and substance use prevention, and most recently towards sexual violence prevention. Gabrielle first received MI training in 2006, and became a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) in 2012. Since then she has facilitated and co-facilitated training in Spanish and in English. She has been part of the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) coding and coaching team since 2013, helping professionals become more proficient in their MI skills, both in Spanish and English. From her beginnings in MI, she has been involved in several efforts to make MI more accessible to Spanish speakers by creating and translating tools in Spanish and participating in a community of Spanish speaking MINTies.

0:00 – Opening/introduction
2:36 – Gabrielle’s introduction and MI background
6:20 – Helping clients to find their own tools and own their process
12:30 – MI in Puerto Rico
16:30 – Important cultural elements of Puerto Rico
24:10 – Adapting MI for use in Spanish
34:30 – Learning the micro-skills and macro-skills of MI
43:55 – Quarantine with family and food
48:36 – End of recording

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