Motivational Interviewing in Leadership Organisations

Ep 16 – Motivational Interviewing in Leadership and Organisations (MILO)

Ep 16 MI  in Leadership and Organisations (MILO)

Fredrik MILO
Fredrik Eliasson

Glenn and Sebastian are very excited to have Fredrik Eliasson on our podcast. Fredrik is a social worker with more than 20 years’ experience in management and organisations. His current work involves providing consultation in leadership and organizational development, MI training, and project management at the research and development department at The National Board of Institutional Care (Statens institutionsstyrelse, or SiS). SiS is a Swedish government agency that delivers individually tailored compulsory care for young people with psycho-social problems and for adults with substance abuse. Overall, Fredrik is responsible for the MI training and supervision of more than 4000 SiS employees and he is head of a unit of MI trainers and MINT members. Fredrik is a co-founder of a group called MI in Leadership and Organisations (MILO), which is dedicated to generating awareness of how MI can positively affect work environments.

0:00 – Opening/introduction

2:45 – Fredrik’s early MI story and relationship building

10:00 – MI as “a way of doing the work that I’m doing”

23:00 – Shifting workplace culture

30:00 – Psychological safety in the workplace

45:20 – Ethics and equipoise

51:00 – Psychological safety as a foundation for change

58:00 – Affirmations in strength-based leadership

1:00:00 – Upcoming research on engagement in the workplace

1:04:00 – Closing and contact information

1:06:14 – End of recording

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