Managing Motivation

Driving organisational change, supporting individual development.

In every organisation the success of its HR and performance strategies is underpinned by the quality of the everyday one to one and group Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants - Managing Motivationconversations that happen between staff and management.

All effective organisations recognise the importance of fostering and nurturing positive working relationships at every level of the management structure, indeed the most important asset to any company is its staff.

There can be no doubt of how the changing economic climate has impacted on the demands faced by everyone endeavouring to create and maintain effective and efficient business concerns. At Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants we pride ourselves in supporting organisations achieve their potential through our specialised support programmes and listen carefully to the needs of our client agencies. Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants recognise the importance of cost effectiveness together with efficiency and productivity, and as a consequence we are delighted with the development of our ‘Managing Motivation’ programmes.

Our ‘Managing Motivation’ training is designed to support organisational managers & HR professionals gain an evidenced based understanding of the most effective ways of engaging staff and improving outcomes. It will offer insights into why some people do and some people don’t perform given tasks and how to facilitate a transition with more ‘buy in’ from all concerned. The ‘Managing Motivation’ training will provide practical means of responding to and reducing staff resistance, and tools to assess motivation and readiness. Participants will learn about the ‘Stages of Change’ and the most effective interventions at each point of the transition process.

The ‘Managing Motivation’ programme will assist all those who have a responsibility to maintain staff engagement and productivity, those who manage staff absenteeism and return to work schedules and everyone who wants to improve team working and outcomes.

Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants ‘Managing Motivation’ training offers participants

  • a practice based awareness of the four processes of motivational interviewing.
  • an understanding of the theories of behaviour change and the relevance to individuals’ decision making.
  • an ability to assist individuals and groups assess their own readiness to change and make appropriate decisions about their behaviour.
  • a working knowledge of the opening strategies of motivational interviewing.
  • a recognition of how discord or resistance arises and effective manager responses.
  • a confidence and commitment to utilise the processes and strategies of Motivational Interviewing in their work/practice setting.
  • an understanding of how to engage reluctant staff and those working on a process against their will.
  • the use of motivational assessment, intervention and planning tools.
  • the opening strategies of Motivational Interviewing in management and supervision conversations.

All bespoke workshops are designed and developed in collaboration with commissioning agencies taking into account your specific needs, challenges and opportunities. We tailor the content and delivery of our workshops to assure the learning is transferrable immediately to practice and improves outcomes as a consequence.

Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants is the ‘Preferred Provider’ of Motivational Interviewing training and mentoring for the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency (PHA),The Probation Board of Northern Ireland (PBNI), Health Service Executive (HSE) West, EXTERN, & Addiction NI.

We also develop and deliver Motivational Interviewing and staff development workshops to partner agencies including GB and NI Health & Social Care Trusts, GB & NI District and City Councils, Northern Ireland and ROI Prison Services, Northern Ireland Police Service,  Start 360, CAUSE, CareCall, Nexus Institute, ASCERT, Causeway Rural & Urban Network, SureStart, and Healthy Living Centres

Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants wrote and developed the Motivational Interviewing module included in the Foundation Degree for University of Ulster & North West Regional College.

An example training programme


Managing Motivation

 Course Aims To introduce participants to the skills, principles and opening strategies of Motivational Interviewing
Learning Outcomes      On completion of the programme, delegates will demonstrate:

  • A practice based awareness of the key principles and strategies of motivational interviewing
  • An understanding of  the Transtheoretical model of  behaviour change and its relevance to individual’s decision making
  • An ability to assist individuals and groups assess their own readiness to change and make appropriate decisions about their behaviour.
  • A recognition of how discord or resistance arise and responding effectively
  • A working knowledge of the opening strategies of motivational interviewing
  • A  confidence and commitment to utilizing the principles and strategies of Motivational Interviewing in their work/practice setting
  • An understanding of how to engage reluctant staff – and individuals who attend against their will
Course Content        



Participants will be introduced to and provided with the opportunities to explore·The Psychological Theories of Behaviour ChangeThe Spirit of Motivational Interviewing and Its Significance in Behaviour Change PracticePerson Centred Helping Skills in Helping and Supervision ConversationsThe Processes of Motivational Interviewing  and their Implementation in PracticeOverview of the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Its Relevance to Understanding Client Behaviour Change Decision MakingThe Use of Motivational Assessment, Intervention and Planning ToolsThe Opening Strategies of Motivational Interviewing in Helping  and Supervision ConversationsThe Application of Motivational Interviewing and its adaptations to Delegates Work/Practice Setting.
Learning/Teaching Methods Giving recognition of the various learning styles of course participants, course materials and learning will be delivered in several formats to ensure the highest level of engagement and learning outcomes for all delegates. The workshop will include·Interactive Group-WorkOne-to-One and Small Group ExercisesExperiential LearningRole/Real PlaysPractice Observation and Reflection,Independent LearningTaught Input
 Certification Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants offer certificates of attendance to support Continuing Professional Development portfolio
Post Training Resources  Practitioners will often say how quickly the learning achieved at a training can melt away on their return to the work environment. Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching have responded to this need by uniquely offering access to a broadcast standard audio recording of the WHOLE training event on our password protected secure webpage. Participants who wish to avail of this learning aid will be issued with their own password and given unlimited access to the training for THREE MONTHS following their training workshop.

The Trainer

Glenn Hinds is director and principal trainer with Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching, trained in person centred and psychodynamic counselling. Glenn worked as a drug therapist and senior social work practitioner in mental health and alcohol and drug services between 1990 and 2008, as well as offering one to one and group counselling to adult survivors of sexual abuse. Glenn has been training multidisciplinary and multi-sector staff in Motivational Interviewing, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Interventions and Understanding and Responding to Stress and Anxiety since 1997. He has completed training in Motivational Enhancement Therapy and has made a research visit to University of Texas Houston to study Group Work Interventions using The Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing.

Glenn is the only full-time Motivational Interviewing trainer in Ireland and was trained to offer training in ‘The Therapeutic Uses of Motivational Interviewing’ by Professor William Miller in Crete Greece 2003 and ‘The Use of Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care’ by Professor Steve Rollnick in Portland USA  2004. Glenn is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) an initiative directed by MI co-creators William R. Miller, PhD, and Stephen Rollnick, PhD. Through MINT, Glenn maintains regular communication with peers throughout the world who are actively conducting new research and producing new knowledge about and practice innovations for MI which enables him to bring those innovations immediately into training and mentoring sessions.

Glenn also completed Motivational Interviewing Training Integrity (MITI) training in March 2006 and Motivational Interviewing Supervisory Training (MIST) with Professor Miller and Dr. Terri Moyers in Albuquerque January 2007.

Fifteen hundred plus training hours with over four thousand trainees across the UK, Ireland and the USA has provided Glenn with the knowledge, experience and skills that assure best practice as standard. Glenn training is flexible and responsive to participants’ needs, and offers a positive learning environment a fact acknowledged in feedback and testimonials.