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Family Practitioner Testimonial

Family Practitioner Testimonial

At Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants we strive to assure all participants at our training workshops and seminars leave with Family Practitioner Testimonialsomething of real value. We recognise for most practitioners successful training is when they leave with knowledge and skills that benefits their practice and more importantly benefits their clients’ lives. It is always affirming to receive feedback from participants after they have returned to work and introduced their learning in face to face interventions.

We recently received this feedback from an experienced family support practitioner who engages families experiencing challenges in their relationships and parenting. Success means happier children and more content parents and social networks. Read this family practitioner testimonial about how our motivational interviewing improved her practice and client outcomes.

‘I just wanted to say Motivational Interviewing has completely revolutionised my practice. To see and hear the people I support make decisions, come to terms with ‘the I need fixed’ approach accepting and discovering the strengths and capabilities within themselves to manage their situation and make small steps to change is the most rewarding part of my role.
Most of my work is with parents of children who have challenging behaviour (sometimes only to those whose institutions don’t accept they are children with opinions ) and to praise and acknowledge those parents for their efforts ,is a life changer
Supporting them emotionally and giving them space to think through certain ‘issues‘ and how they can best manage to see their young person as a lovable sometimes frustrated child is so much more fulfilling than ‘a parenting programme’.
Thank you’.

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Glenn Hinds is an independent training consultant and coach trained in person centred and psychodynamic counselling, emotional intelligence (EQ) and mindfulness.