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About Coaching

Glenn Hinds Motivation & Coaching Consultants recognise that living well and making the right choices in our relationships, career and health are often the most important and rewarding parts of our lives. We also know these aspects of ourselves can cause the most difficulties and stress. Like all of our behaviours, all skills are learned and can be improved. You will already know it’s much easier to learn and develop if you have someone who can teach you some techniques, help you to overcome the initial obstacles and encourage you to persevere through the hard times in order to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Our Success Coaching is very much like any other coaching: it offers you support, guidance and encouragement to progress. It takes the form of regular, one-to-one sessions between you and your coach, either in person, over the telephone or Zoom. Each session typically lasts an hour, although this is flexible depending on your needs. During your coaching sessions, you are supported to identify and explore your goals before you decide how you are going to best achieve them.

What Clients Say

I wasn't happy and was drifting through my life. Glenn really listened and understood without ever making me feel embarrassed. He helped me figure out what I really wanted and then to make it happen.
It took me years to pluck up the courage to ask for help. I am so grateful to Glenn for how he made me comfortable from the start, I was able to sort so much. I definitely recommend you give Glenn a call.

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